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IOGKF & Zen Gasshuku

Dear Zanshin Dojo Members,

Registration is now open for the IOGKF & Zen Gasshuku, an senior student seminar from June 23rd to June 25th at Green Gulch Zen Center in Marin, CA. This seminar will featuring instruction from the Japanese Chief Instructor Yamashiro Sensei (7th dan). It’s an honor to have Yamashiro Sensei lead this seminar – He’s an amazing teacher and this will be his first time teaching in the United States. This will also be a unique opportunity to personally train with Yamashiro Sensei in this exclusive, 15-20 person seminar.

The seminar will include both Goju Ryu karate training and an introduction into zen meditation (also known as zazen). Goju Ryu Karate is deeply rooted zazen. Higaonna Sensei and Yamashiro Sensei have both been long time zen students. This retreat offers an opportunity for Goju Ryu practitioners to gain first-hand experience with zen practice as it relates to martial arts training. Please note that zazen is not a religion and people from all religious/spiritual backgrounds are welcome. No meditation experience is necessary.

The retreat is open to IOGKF members with a rank of shodan and above.  Registration costs $655 which includes accomodation, meals, zazen instruction and training fees.  The seminar and accommodations will be held at Green Gulch Zen Center, a short walk from Muir Beach.

For more information, feel free to ask the event organizer, Krista De Castella, or visit the gasshuku website.