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2017 Miyagi Chojun Festival (Registration Now Open)

The 2017 Miyagi Chojun Festival (MCF) will be hosted at the Family Karate Center in Spokane, Washington by the IOGKF USA Chief Instructor, Sensei Gene Villa. Training starts Thursday, June 15th and concludes with an Instructor Demonstration on Sunday, June 18th at 2:15pm.

Several outstanding international instructors will teach at this event. In attendance will be the world chief instructor: Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura, as well as Sensei Torben Svendsen from Denmark, Sensei Bob Smith from Bermuda, Sensei Gustava Tata from Agentina, Sensei George Seahorn (USA Southeast Regional Coordinator), and Zanshin Dojo’s Sensei Mirko Buchwald. The training will be at a caliber some of you have never experienced. It will truly be fantastic!

Sensei Gene Villa has two main objectives for the MCF: 1) To provide an event that emphasizes camaraderie and friendship among all IOGKF members. 2) To put together a dynamic training schedule that fosters growth, understanding and sweat! We are sure this year’s MCF will more than meet your expectations. The training schedule provides every skill level and rank the opportunity to train extensively over the four days of the festival. Sensei Gene Villa has included seven hours of training for our younger members age 6—12. They will have the opportunity to train with each of our special guest instructors as well as training with Sensei Steven Smith and Sensei Josiah Hanks.  The seminar also includes a special guest instructor seminar with Mr. Roy Harrington, who will be conducting a Tactical Knife Seminar.

Below is the full schedule of events along with the event flyer and registration information.  Registration is now open.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at the front desk of Zanshin Dojo.

Full Schedule

The official hotel for the Miyagi Chojun Festival is the Red Lion Hotel.  Reserve your room at a  special pricing rate by informing the hotel that you will be attending the Miyagi Chojun Festival.  For more information and rates, check the registration/flyer link above.